Brass Bands have existed as a tradition in the UK for over 170 years. In particular, the bands in the North of England have been at the heart of this culture. We are lucky to have some fine bands in the Preston, Pendle & Ribble Valley area.

Many of the bands of the past have been linked with Industry and Commerce, perhaps not so much these days, due to the many closures of the Industrial Mills and Coal Mines.

Some of the bands are regularly involved in contesting against each other, with an adjudicator (judge), or sometimes two adjudicators. Each band plays the same test piece of music, sometimes 10 to 14 minutes long, and the adjudicators have to decide which band (they thought) played the best interpretation of the particular test piece.

Just like the in the Football League Divisions, there is a similar system in contesting Brass Bands.

There is also the local village band style, a non-contesting band, generally a little more casual, and regularly seen playing around the North West area in the summer, perhaps in the park, local Church Parade, or at a Garden Party.

Whichever style of band you will see in our area, they are usually “and proudly” turned out in full uniform.




Piping Hot Brass